Friday, May 30, 2014

ESSENCE Launch Party Details + Blog Tour Stops!!

ESSENCE Launch Party
Tuesday, June 3rd ... 7:00-9:00pm

Photo Courtesy of Inkwood Books
It's just a few days until ESSENCE's debut, which means... It's time for a Launch Party!!

What are you doing on Tuesday, June 3rd?? If you happen to find yourself in the Tampa Bay area, I would looooove you to join me at Inkwood Books in Hyde Park Village for my official ESSENCE Launch Party!

There will be wine, cheese and all things writerly. I will do a Q&A session and a reading (if I don't chicken out), and there will copies of ESSENCE on-hand for purchase. Inkwood Books also has a wonderful selection of books by all sorts of national and local authors, so please support this local business by joining us.

Here is a link to my Facebook event invitation: ESSENCE Launch Party. I would also appreciate you spreading the word to anyone else you think may be interested in attending. Thanks so much, and I hope to see you there!

Also... Don't forget that today (5/30) is Day Ten of my ESSENCE Blog Tour. Here are today's tour stops:
Special thanks to the amazing bloggers who are hosting me, and thanks in advance for checking out my posts. Have a wonderful day!


Leandra Wallace said...

What a pretty place to have a book launch! I would so be there if I didn't live thousands of miles away. =) And do that reading- be brave like the girl on your cover, lol! Though I totally get your fear, anytime I try and read anything out loud to just friends or family, I flub it up. Just practice and you'll be fine! *thumbs up*

alexia said...

I wish I was a bit closer, but I'm a good four hours, and with a full time job a week night wouldn't work! I know you'll have SO much fun, though!

I did a reading from a WIP once and it was very nerve wracking, but I survived :)

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