Thursday, April 24, 2014

Are You on Pinterest or Instagram?

I am an incredibly visual person, so it's no surprise each of my writing projects comes with its own Pinterest Inspiration Board. I also keep Inspiration Boards for almost every other facet of my life; are you the same way?

I also recently started an Instagram page to keep track of some of my favorite life moments, and I'm already digging the synergy of seeing all those moments lined up against each other.

Do you have a Pinterest or Instagram account? If so, please leave your info in the comments section. I am currently looking for other folks to follow, and I'm excited to see what sorts of things inspire you!

Wanna check out my boards? Here they are; please click the captions to visit each page.


Inspiration for my debut novel ESSENCE

Inspiration for my shelved YA novel THE MERMAID GENE

"Life Less Ordinary" Fashion Inspiration

Inspirational Quotes (For Every Mood)

Tattoo Inspiration

The Path to Fitness

If I Can Ever Sit Still Long Enough...

Eye Candy

Inspiration from Everywhere

I hope you enjoyed seeing what makes me tick. Have a great day!


Joe Slonaker said...

Yay, so cool! I think I am following you in both....

Pinterest: bigdirtyj
Instagram: joedirt16

Happy to follow you as you fulfill your dreams!

Carol Garvin said...

I've carefully avoided both Pinterest and Instagram. Everyone I know that goes there tells me they're wonderful *and* addictive, and therein lies my reason for keeping my distance.

I do create literal storyboards for each of my novels and have them clipped into the front of each one's resource binder, but I know I already spend way too much time online. Anything that contributes to me spending even more probably isn't a good thing for me. :)

Altha Fidia Oktora said...

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