Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ask a Zookeeper: That Time I Was Nearly Crushed

Happy ZOOsday, everyone! As many of you know, I am the Zookeeper-in-Residence on Jobstr.com--a website where "you can ask people anything about their jobs and answer questions about yours." I reprint one of my favorite "Ask a Zookeeper" questions on my blog every Tuesday, and you can ask your own question HERE!

Here is this week's question:

Q. In your time with animals, has there ever been an instance where you really felt your life was in danger? What happened and how did you get out of that situation? -luke

Photo Courtesy of Meneer Zjeroen
A. Only once. And ironically, it was with a camel. (I have chuckled over this countless times, because camels don't carry the street cred bears and big cats do. If you tell someone you almost got killed by a lion, you become a superstar. If you tell someone you almost got killed by a camel, they just shake their heads and laugh at you.)

That being said, this situation definitely wasn't a laughing matter at the time. This particular camel Knobby was about 1,400 pounds and more than six and a half feet tall, and he had the temperament, strength and temper of a MASSIVE unbroken stallion.

I had been working with him for a few months, and we had made amazing progress together. I still knew he was dangerous, but I guess I started to be lulled by our familiarity. I began to think he viewed me as his "buddy," and I stopped paying as close attention to our safety protocols.

I was working the late shift at the time. One evening, I was running really behind schedule, and I didn't make it to his enclosure until the zoo was closed and almost all the other keepers had left for the day. Even though I knew it was best practice to make sure other keepers were around in case I needed help, I decided to enter his enclosure and do some solo cleaning anyway.

There was a faulty latch on one of the gates, and the fence sometimes got stuck closed. I should have left it completely open, but I didn't. Instead, I walked right in and closed the gate behind me. I started raking, but it became clear very quickly that Knobby was in a rare mood. Instead of avoiding me like he usually did, he began chasing me around the enclosure. I used my rake to try to block him, but he began huffing and kicking and trying to bite and push me.

I tried to make a run for that faulty gate, but of course, it was stuck. I didn't have enough time to fiddle with it, so I ended up hiding behind a swing gate with my back pressed against the barn wall. Knobby stamped and pressed against the other side of the gate for several minutes, and it literally occurred to me that he may crush me between the gate and the wall.

Thankfully, he got distracted by something after ten minutes or so, and I was able to make a run for it. When I finally escaped, I immediately collapsed to the ground outside his enclosure and burst into tears.

It's difficult to describe the emotions I felt at that moment. Relief, for sure, but I also felt betrayed--like Knobby should have known better. He was supposed to LIKE me; how could he consider hurting me?

This is when I realized I had begun treating Knobby like a pet. This is the most critical mistake you can ever make as a zookeeper, because this is when the majority of accidents happen.

Once I came to terms with this realization, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and started my evening training session with him (outside the bars). We went on to have many years of wonderful interactions, and I eventually taught him to sit on command, roll on his side, present his feet for inspection, wear a halter and let me to sit on his back.

But one thing I NEVER did again was take his size and strength for granted. He became my very favorite animal at the zoo, but I never entered his enclosure again without fully formulating an escape plan first.


alexia said...

Scary! Once more than ten years ago, one of my horses flipped over on me and just laid there with my leg trapped under his body (about 1,100 pounds). That was definitely very uncool. But it lasted about 30 seconds, not ten minutes! I can't imagine what that must have been like.

Jenny Phresh said...

Oh gosh, good thing it was not a marmoset; that might have been embarrassing! Next time, a big woolly bear?

Peggy Eddleman said...

That's a crazy story! I'm glad you're okay.

David List said...

I love this story. And not because I'm laughing (ok, snickering maybe) but because it's real. That's how to grow. Come face to face with a scary situation. There's a strange part of me that yearns for horrible situations. Therefore when the opportunity comes to do something dangerous (aka stupid) I have a hard time turning it down. I don't really know why. I guess I sort of want to be tested.
I'm glad you grew from the situation (and didn't get flattened against the wall!)

Yolanda Renee said...

Wow, what a story, it could have ended so differently. Glad you were so cool under pressure. But really happy that he became your favorite!

When I first started hiking in the Brooks Range, I'd find bear tracks and follow them -- I know IDIOT! I had never seen a grizzly, had no idea of the danger I was putting myself in, until my boss brought in two hikers to talk to me after they'd been 'treed' by a sow with two cubs. They escaped because she climbed a tree beside them. I felt like the idiot I was, then he took me out of the road and we saw 9 bears. One so large he towered over our truck and kept pace with us at 25 miles an hour. I learned pretty quick, but, wow, did I tempt fate.

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