Monday, June 25, 2012

Pinterest = Crack Cocaine

Photo Courtesy of docentjoyce

Many of you have been raving about Pinterest for months, and I'll admit it. I didn't listen to you.

I didn't join at first. Not because I don't dig photo sharing and CERTAINLY not because I don't dig organization. Anyone who knows me well knows my love of organization tends to trend toward Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from time to time.

This is actually the very reason I held out for so long. I knew I would love Pinterest TOO MUCH--the way that I love guacamole or rice pudding or cookie dough so intensely that I absolutely cannot buy any of these things. I will literally sit down and eat an entire tub/tube/package without coming up for air once. It's kinda scary, actually.

I pictured myself zoning out in front of my computer--the way I already zone out on Twitter (@LisaAnnChickos), QueryTracker or this blog. I pictured the unwashed hair, the pajama pants, the line of drool dribbling from the corner of my lips, and I said, "NO! Back, you enchantress! Take your glorious photographs and online inspiration boards, and go impress somebody else! I don't NEED you, you hussy!"

Photo Courtesy of Steve D.
But then... A terrible thing happened. I decided I would just go on real quick and see what I was missing. Just one glimpse and I would be done for life. I saw that glorious "Request an Invite" button, and I figured, "Why not? I have 15 minutes to kill... Why not cruise around and see if anything reminds me of my manuscript, ESSENCE?"

But then... NO INVITE CAME! I checked my email, and there was that auto-response saying, "Thanks, we'll be back to you shortly." So I refreshed my browser, and I STILL DIDN'T HAVE AN INVITE! By now, the lure of Pinterest was beginning to turn into that elusive party I still needed an invitation to attend. Forget my plans, forget my normal Friday night. Now, I was on a mission.

That mission was to become GOOD ENOUGH FOR PINTEREST. So I spent the next few hours looking at other people's boards to find out why you need a fancy pants invitation to join this site in the first place.

Photo Courtesy of Ralphman
You guessed it. By the time I finally received my invitation (a few days later, actually), I was positively FOAMING AT THE MOUTH to create a Board of my own. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The good news is, I am self-limiting my account. I have forbidden myself from creating random boards like "Places I Would Go if Money Didn't Exist" or "Beautiful Things I Would Never Have the Patience to Actually Create in My House." (This would occupy me for the rest of my life!)

Instead, I am only allowed one vanity board, which I have dubbed, "Random Stuff I Dig." All my other boards must be Inspiration Boards for my novels. Every time I write a novel, I get to create a board. No more, no less.

Photo Courtesy of Trodel
I have written exactly two novels, so this rule is easy enough for me to follow. After pinning approximately 80-100 photographs on each board, I think I have captured the "feelings" of my stories well enough to stop obsessing.

So, all these beautiful photographs you've been seeing are inspired by my newest novel, ESSENCE. And I would really, really love it if I had more writer boards to follow. You can find me at LisaAnn on Pinterest!

Anyone else have any Pinterest stories to share? Feel like taking the leap if you haven't already?


Linda Jackson said...

Lisa Ann, your post is quite convincing, but I'm still trying to hold out. :) said...

Rats. Your post probably pushed me off the edge. My feelings are the same as yours were - I'm so easily consumed by fun stuff on the interwebs, the last thing I need is another distraction! BUT, if I limit myself to just photos that evoke my novel, then time spent on Pinterest is working, right?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Everything else online keeps me so busy I shall continue to resist!

Charlie Holmberg said...

TOTALLY understand the notcomingupforaircookiedough thing.Though last I checked bread pudding wasn't a real winner in my book...

You are so ridiculous and funny, ha! I've actually been losing a little interest in Pinterest; I don't visit it as often, now. But good luck with your sanity!

Donna Perugini said...

Too weird...I read your post and bam! up pops someone inviting me to Pinterest. Started the process and stopped to breathe...don't know if I'll ever complete the start of it. It just seems like another thing to do! And then you have to put a PinIt button in places on your blog. Hey, where's yours?? See what I'm sayin?!

Angelina C. Hansen said...

I think I'll leave this one for my photographer husband. ^_^

Deana said...

I'll follow you even though I am totally lost on how to work the whole thing. Granted I haven't actually gone on the site long enough to figure it out, but I plan to. One day:)

Deana said...

Okay, well, I just went on there and tried to follow you and I don't even know if I did it right:) I clicked the follow all button?

E. Arroyo said...

I dragged getting an account too. I so don't need another addiction. Too late.

Happy pinning! =)

Gina Gao said...

I totally understand what you are going through in this post! My friends are all obsessed with Pinterest. Happy pinning everyone!

LTM said...

LOL! I think that's part of their evil plan--to do that whole invitation only thing. Makes it feel all exclusivey. ;p I think I've made it through my Pinterest OCD stage. It's sort of leveled out for me now, but it's fun! I like all the pretty pictures. :D <3

Dinda Amanda said...

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