Sunday, January 22, 2012

And Now... A Storyboard!

Photo Courtesy of Virginia Hammer
To continue my trend of doing things I never do, I organized my work in progress, ESSENCE, into a storyboard today.

It was actually kinda fun and fantastic. I have a billion interesting scenes in my head, but I had no idea how I wanted to organize them, so I wrote down them all down as quick notes on index cards. I shuffled the notes together, and then I laid them all out on the ground. From there, it was fairly easy and logical to organize them into a loose story structure.

I'm leaving these scenes open to change--if something particularly interesting jumps in my head and takes over--but I feel so much more confident about actually writing with purpose now.

Wow. What a strange and productive weekend. Have you guys ever made storyboards before?


cherie said...

I've never tried doing a storyboard, but it's certainly a thought. I might try that on one WIP that's in a slump right now. Thanks!

LTM said...

wow. I have never done this! But I think it's something I'm going to need to do for the SF WIP I'll get back to some day. I've got a lot of very vivid scenes, and some are flashbacks. I've got to sit down and see how it makes the most sense to present them... good stuff! :o)

Charlie Holmberg said...

I have never tried storyboarding before... I'd have to look it up to find exactly how it goes! But maybe something to try in the future? You should take a picture of yours and post it. ;)

Japanese is hard because it's not a Germanic language. :O There were Korean and Chinese students in classes with me who could get that sucker down pat. Also, my only follow button is at the top of the blog in the navigation bar. ;)

Thanks for the post!

Donna Perugini said...

I laid out ach one of my picture books with illustrations (incomplete..just line drawings)before sending it to the publisher. I had the same publisher for all four books and the same illustrator. It really does help to organize it that way. You can see if it follows through and connects for each scene.

Lora R. Rivera said...

You inspired me! I started a story board, gave up after the first three index cards (b/c I'm a total pantser) and started writing.

Why this is good? I'd been seriously blocked for weeks.

Thank you!!

Dinda Amanda said...

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