Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bella vs. Katniss?

I just read a really interesting article in the Atlantic called 'Twilight' vs. 'Hunger Games': Why Do So Many Grown-Ups Hate Bella? (Spoiler Alert: This article gives away both endings, so don't read it if you don't already know what happens in both series.)

Regardless of our personal stances on the pros and cons of each series (and I know we all have a favorite!), I think the article brings up a lot of interesting points. And whether or not we agree with all those points, it also gives all of us aspiring young adult writers something to think about. In particular, what do we want readers to take away from the values, attitudes and goals of our main characters?



Elliot Grace said...

...roughly a year ago, or perhaps a bit longer, I wrote a fun post titled, "Katnissss..." in which, while tracking a handsome elk in the northern wilds, Bella and Edward come face to face with the arrow-slinging fire girl from "Hunger Games."

It may have actually been the funnest short I've penned in quite some time.

So I'm a guy/bookworm, whose read both series...and offer the edge to Katniss ;)

That was fun, LisaAnn!


Jaye Robin Brown said...

Katniss is a feminist. Bella, not so much.
Kick ass. Simpering.
Decisive Waffler

Having said that, I read both series and enjoyed them both immensely for entirely different reasons. But I'd want Katniss at my back any day. She'd never leave me when her boyfriend sparkled.

LM Preston said...

But the question is ... did Katniss end up like Bella and did Bella end up like Katniss? by the end of each series?

Anita Grace Howard said...

Katniss. Hands down.

Don't like whiney girls. Hee.

That said, both stories rocked for different reasons.

And I think LM Preston up there had an EXCELLENT comment!

bethchristopher.com said...

Interesting article. I'm a Katniss fan all the way. From a writing standpoint, while it's true that Bella redeemed herself at the end of the series, I found her character to be the least interesting of all the main characters. Edward and Jacob were big spotlight stealers in every scene.

Katniss, on the other hand, was the star of the show. When Gale or Peeta were brought into a scene, it made Katniss' fire burn even stronger.

Great post, Lisa!

LTM said...

haven't read the article, but I liked both books. I liked both MCs. So I guess I'm one of the strange people. :D They're such different stories, though. I don't know. Great questions, though! :o) <3

Jenny Phresh said...

I'd vote for Katniss, but only in Books 1 and 2. I hated Book 3, when she became a whiny and pathetic character...sort of like Bella!

Lydia Kang said...

I did get annoyed with how Bella's world simply revolved around a man/thing, but still. As an ex-teen-drama queen, I totally got the drama/romance/suffering that Bella went through.

However, if give a choice, it's still hands down to Katniss. Although I hated her for using Peeta the way she did.

Peggy Eddleman said...

That is SO IMPORTANT to remember! It makes me sad when authors forget what a huge influence they have.

Christa said...

I've been reading lots of TWILIGHT defense this week. It's funny. Why bother? It is what it is. Stephanie Myer never claimed it was a feminist book. Interesting article.

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