Sunday, October 30, 2011

QueryTracker Success Story + an Awesome Giveaway!!!

Photo Courtesy of e calamar
I have been drooling over the Query Tracker "Success Stories" ever since I began querying my novel, and I'm beyond thrilled that I now get to post a success story of my very own!  (Apparently, I was Success Story #640; I will remember that number forever!)

Here's a link to my newly-posted success story: An Interview with Lisa Ann Chickos, and thanks again SO much to all of you who have been so instrumental in keeping me sane and positive during this crazy experience.  YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Speaking of amazing, I'd like to take a minute to plug my good friend Allen Walker, who I mention in my interview as one of my beta readers / the best editor EVER. I've known him since the third grade, and my novel literally (literally, literally) wouldn't be here without his incredible editing advice.  He's been with me every step of this process, from that very first phone call where I said, "You know what might be fun? What if this girl joined this beluga whale research team in Alaska, and then some crazy stuff started happening...?"

He helped me through the terrible Act Two lull, talked me out of making my secondary characters into cartoons (specifically Snidely Whiplash, in at least one case), and helped me through every single step of revision until I got this thing as perfect as I could.  More specifically, he helped me become a better writer, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Allen is in the process of setting up an online editing service (Blue Fox Studios), and he's agreed to do some free line-editing work for my writerly friends in exchange for some quick testimonials on his brand-new website.  (But ONLY if you like his work... If not, there's no pressure. No strings attached, I promise.)

So... If you mention this blog post and tell him I referred you, he will give free line-edits to the first five people who email him the first 25 pages of their novels. (This is a GREAT deal.  Seriously. Try him out, and I am CONFIDENT you won't be sorry!)

Thanks again for the amazing support all of you have shown me during this crazy submission process; I am SO lucky to have you!!

UPDATE: 10/31/11 @ 12:11pm: Wow! That was quick! Allen has already received emails and samples from five interested folks, so his free critique giveaway is officially closed. Stay tuned, as we may offer this promotion again in the near future, and thanks so much for trusting my recommendation and putting your faith in him. He can't wait to get started, and I can't wait to hear how you like your critiques!


Cassie Mae said...

Oh Yay! Congrats! I've been drooling over those success stories myself, lol.

cherie said...

Congrats!! How awesome. ;) You deserve every bit of this. <3

Sophia Chang said...

Congratulations!! And I'm definitely checking out Allen's website and emailing him with my fingers crossed. Unfortunately I just started rewriting my WIP and don't have 25 to give him yet, but maybe he'll give me clemency...

Anita Grace Howard said...

Yay Lisa!! I had no idea you'd been a Disney animator. So you can draw, too?? Is there anything you can't do, dear friend? LOL. Your pal Allen sounds like a gem. I love the logo on his website! I'll put him on my blog's industry sidebar as an editor. Congrats once again!!

LisaAnn said...

@Cassie: Oh my gosh, I would totally curse the new successes every time I logged in, and I would think, "I'm ready for that to be ME!!"

@Cherie: Awe, thank you so much!

@Sophia: Yay! I'm so glad, and you should totally email him what you've got so far, even if it's less than 25 pages. I'm sure he will welcome it!

@Anita: Hahaha, I perhaps should put an asterisk on that one. One of my original dreams was to BECOME a Disney animator, and I initially majored in animation at UCF in Orlando. I quickly learned I wasn't good enough, so I dropped that dream before anything tangible could come of it. And yay, thanks so much for linking to his website on your blog... He will DEFINITELY appreciate it!

Peggy Eddleman said...

So awesome to have the support of such an amazingly talented friend!

Laura Barnes said...

I haven't stopped by to say congrats, but I have been watching from afar. Since I first read your query on Deanna's blogfest, I knew it was going to happen for you. Way to go!!

LTM said...

Yay for Query Tracker successes! I used that service for a year, and then got my agent through a blog contest... LOL! But whatever works, right? I tell ya, QT is fantastic. And best of luck to you & Allen. Happy Halloween! <3

Deana said...

Yea! You got a success story:) That's so cool! I am going to try Allen out and pray that he hasn't got his five yet. He sounds awesome:)

Amy Armstrong, MS, NCC said...

I'm so happy for you! Congrats, Lisa Ann.

Melissa Sugar said...

Congratulations. I am a new follower and I really thought, wow I want to be this cool chick, when I viewed your blog, occupation and amazing photos. Okay so being you was a little exaggeration, but now that I have read your awesome interview, success story and query, I WANT TO BE YOU.

Seriously, congratulations. Your story is unique and sounds like something I will have to read when it comes out.

It is nice to meet you

LM Preston said...

I love query tracker also. A valuable free resource.

Christa said...

That was a great interview but how come you didn't share your stats? You realize that's what all aspiring writers want!!!

Girl Parker said...

YAY!! You know, I've never even looked at Query Tracker before? Craziness! Thanks for sharing. BTW, I'm totally mesmerized by the photos of the beluga whales - like giant marshmellows!

Bethany C. said...

Disney animator...SO NOT FAIR!! Loved your QT success story. I saw your name, BEFORE I read this post, and got all goofy and SQUEEEEEED like a little girl! So happy for you!

LisaAnn said...

@Peggy: Isn't that the truth? I am exceedingly lucky in that regard.

@Laura: Thanks so much! There were so many amazing entries into that blogfest that I won't be surprised to see a bunch of those books sitting together on a shelf someday.

@LTM: How funny! It's crazy all the different roads we can take to end up in the same place.

@Deana: Yay! You must let me know how you like his comments!

@Amy: Thank you so much!

@Melissa Sugar: Awe, you just made me blush! I'm so glad you stopped by, and I can't wait to check out your blog!

@LMPreston: Isn't it the best? I don't know what I would have done without it.

@Christa: Haha, private message headed your way!

@GirlParker: You've got to go. As soon as you're ready to start querying, it's a LIFESAVER!

@Bethany: Yay! Isn't this whole thing so exciting?? I can't wait to hear how things are progressing for you!

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