Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Novel Idea

Photo Courtesy of David Wilbanks
Oh my God, I have a new idea.

I'm sure some of you super writers out there are smirking. I've met so many amazing folks during the past few months who literally have two or three or seven manuscripts up their sleeves--completed, polished and just waiting for the right agent. 

But I'm not like that.

I'm seldom struck with "new story" inspiration, and when I am, it's usually just a dream that seems brilliant at the time but is either illegible or is just plain stupid upon my night scribble re-reading.

I'm serious. Here is a real-life idea I came up with in the middle of the night and later realized made absolutely no sense: "Girl and ex-boyfriend time travel to 18th century island (or other planet) and begin rescuing people from tyrant... Girl falls for new boy, and they promise to rescue everyone and go to other planet (or time) for safety, but ex-boyfriend doesn't tell anyone the time machine is actually broken."

WTF?? What IS that?? It was a dream, I think, and I remember being so inspired by the beautiful, tropical water and sense of danger. But in retrospect, it's just kinda... stupid.

Here's another late-night jewel: "Two fifth-grade sweethearts reunite and begin dating, but they soon realize things have changed since they were kids, and they have to struggle to overcome their differences."

Alright, that one's not quite as bizarre as the first one, but it's just kinda... trite.  And boring.

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to me. I am, after all, the girl who dreams about arranging pool chairs and driving to work. I can't remember the last time I had a really awesome, creative dream--although I did used to dream that I got to fly around with Peter Pan when I was a kid. Life has just kinda... gotten in the way, I guess.

So now you can fully appreciate the excitement I feel about this brand-new idea. Which is not a sequel to the novel I'm currently shopping to agents (although I'm still working on that one, and I'm still stoked about it). Nope, this is a brand-new idea, and it's raw and immediate, with alternating viewpoints, alternating chronology, and fun digressions into memories and tangents.

AND it's about polar bears.

What more can I say? :)


Lori M. Lee said...

That sounds awesome! Polar bears! Will this be more sort of magical realism? Can't wait to hear more about it :D

Christa said...

I love new ideas...yay! Great things come from that and then you will start juggling more...I bet you become one of those writers with multiple WIPs in a year or two.

Alleged Author said...

I think the first idea is so good that I *might* erase it from this post. If it were me. Because I'm paranoid. *grins*

Peggy Eddleman said...

Congrats on the new idea! I am the same way about story ideas (and awesome dreams, for that matter). When I get a new idea, it's exciting! After all, it's not an every day kind of thing. :)

Girl Parker said...

YAY!!! Doesn't a sparkly new idea feel wonderful? Enjoy and keep taking notes so you don't forget details. In my experience, inspiration is a bit rare, so congratulations!! It sounds intriguing.

The Tame Lion said...

Fantastic! Great idea!

Anita Grace Howard said...

EEK! Me loves polar bears! This sounds AWESOME, Lisa. Write your little heart out. :) Look at you, already have 2K words under your belt. I love new ideas!!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

polar bears FTW! Are you going to participate in NaNo maybe? My shiny new idea (which has been poking me a bit since finishing the first draft on my current WIP) will probably get a spin during NaNo if i can clear my schedule a bit

Deana said...

You are so cool with how you incorporate your work into your books! I thought those dreams sounded great too btw. Who knows, you could tweak them a bit and make them best sellers:)
Can't wait to hear more about the new book. any nibbles on the shopping for your current one?

Donna K. Weaver said...

Dreams can be a great source of inspiration. They've certainly been that for me. Two of my three WIPs are based upon dreams. Even just one aspect of the dream can trigger the story.

LisaAnn said...

@Lori: Yes, I'm thinking more magical realism, and it's also set in Alaska. It's been pouring out since I finally embraced my inner plotter... Gotta take advantage of the inspiration while it's here!

@Christa: Crossing my fingers! I'm always jealous of those folks!

@Alleged: You are far too kind. Unfortunately, I think that one will just be relegated to dream land. If anyone wants a shot, they're free to give it a go! ;)

@Peggy: Exactly! And it seems like the more you search for it, the harder it is to find.

@Girl Parker: Notes and notes and notes! I'm so quirky and organized that I've got this one covered!

@Lion: Thanks! I'm so excited about this one that I can't wait to already be at the pitching stage. (Hahaha, VERY wishful thinking...)

@Anita: Thanks! I've officially crossed into crazy land, where my hubby just smiles and reminds me to bathe occasionally. ;)

@Falen: Great idea! I think I might!

@Deana: Thank you! And I actually need to send you an email... ;)

@Donna: Isn't it ironic how we sometimes get our best ideas only after we've shut our brains off for the night??

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