Sunday, July 17, 2011

So I'm Running off this Mountain Yesterday, in the Middle of a Lightning Storm...

... when all of a sudden, the space between flashes and cracks becomes non-existent. I'm screaming and cowering like a maniac when my husband finds an abandoned permafrost research trailer. Crawling underneath and huddling with our dogs, we push away all scraps of metal and rock upward on the balls of our rubber-soled Chacos, just in case.

A steady sheet of hail begins pounding into the ground around us, and we cower like children, shivering from chill and fear. Colorado is known for its unpredictable and fast-moving weather patterns, so we hang tight for about 40 minutes, listening to the lightning's rumble and crack as it spreads past the Rocky Mountains and begins advancing toward the Front Range.

Timing our exit to coincide with the storm's retreat, we hurry a few steps through the stillness before the distant blast of lightning at our backs informs us that a new storm has decided to follow in our storm's wake. Cursing my lack of fitness at 10,000ft above sea level, I wobble down the trail after my husband, slipping on some loose rocks and wiping out in a flurry of mud and flesh. My shins and knees, scoured and muddy, bleed in crimson rivers all the way back to our car--where we collapse, dizzy and aching, from exhaustion.

There is a certain madness borne of close-calls, so it's only a few moments before I find myself slipping into hysterics. Laughing at my bloody knees, laughing at our stench, laughing at our dogs and laughing at my husband's drowned rat hair. Laughing in relief, and laughing at my sudden craving for macaroni and cheese.

Which, upon our return to civilization, is exactly what we eat.


Anita Grace Howard said...

Haha! You brave girl! And OUCH, that looks painful and there you are smiling so cute. LOL

What an awesome tale! You'll have to stock away that intense feeling of fear and trepidation to use in a book sometime. :)

BTW, I love that you and your husband go running with your dogs. That's awesome!

Bethany C. said...

D'oh!! That is gnarly, dude! You totally earned some mac&cheese after that. (Old school Kraft blue box, of course).

I grew up in Denver--I distinctly remember a snow storm in July once. Bizarre!

AliyaPM said...

Oh wow! What an adventure. o.o

Jenny Phresh said...

The bloody knees in the photo! ZOW. An adventure far from office fluoresence, indeed.

Amy Armstrong, MS, NCC said...

Ouch! I got my own injuries over the weekend, but they're just bruises from slipping in the garage because I was running in flip flops ::dumb::

Glad you made it home in one piece :-)

squirrel_e_girl said...

Sounds like you're ready for the race my erstwhile husband finished ... it's called "The Death Race". Here's a link to his blog post recounting all the "fun" they had competing:

LisaAnn said...

@Anita: Perhaps the better phrase would be: "I love that your husband goes running with your dogs and you go toddling after them!" ;)

@BethanyC: Sometimes you just want the mac, you know?? And yeah, what's up with Denver? And I thought Alaska's weather was weird!

@AliyaPM: I forgot to mention that I spotted a hornet's nest under the permafrost research trailer while we were hiding beneath it. Thankfully they were hiding, or else the day would have become a "Choose Your Own Adventure" of Lisa's Biggest Fears!

@JennyPhresh: Indeed. ;)

@Amy: I dunno... Running in flip-flops doesn't seem nearly as stupid as hiking toward a tundra ridge while black clouds are rolling in!

@Squirrel: On my way to check it out as we speak!

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