Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Alaska Zoo's Newest Baby!!

The Alaska Zoo just rescued a baby polar bear! Check out this article from the Associated Press, take a few moments to enjoy this wonderful video by zoo photographer John Gomes, and then read on to see what Executive Director Pat Lampi has to say about the zoo's newest orphan. (Here are a few more photos, also courtesy of John Gomes: Orphaned Polar Bear Cub.)  Apparently, this baby will be on "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning, so you can say you knew her before she was famous!

The Alaska Zoo is pleased to work with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and to provide temporary care for this orphaned, female polar bear cub. The Alaska Zoo already has two adult polar bears and does not have additional permanent exhibit space at this time.

AK Zoo staff has cared for 45 orphaned or injured bear cubs over the past 25 years: eight polar bears, 32 brown bears and five black bears. This polar bear cub had spent at least two days without her mother’s care in the Arctic, with temperatures dipping well below 0 degrees F.

The cub’s wellbeing is, of course, everyone’s foremost concern. She needs time to regain her health and some of the weight she lost. The polar bear cub will not be on public display any time soon. Changes to this status would be determined by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, if they deem it appropriate. USF&WS will also be determining the permanent placement of the bear. AZA/Polar bear SSP officials have been contacted so that they may make their recommendations for permanent placement.

Thank you,

Patrick Lampi
Executive Director
Alaska Zoo

(P.S.- How jealous am I right now?? I helped raise many of the zoo's baby brown bears, but a POLAR BEAR shows up the second I leave the state! ;))

(P.P.S- John Gomes just shared another video with me! See it here first!!)


Marewolf said...

Aawwww!!! She's so cute! I just wanna squish her real bad ;)

Charlee said...

Awwww! Just so sweet I want one!

K. Syrah said...

Way too cute!

Anita said...

Aww! She's so beautiful! Something barked in that second video. Is it another animal somewhere off screen?

Anyway, thanks for sharing this! So cute. And so wonderful the way people like you step in to help preserve our wildlife.

LisaAnn said...

If I were a betting woman, I would guess that bizarre bark belongs to the zoo's baby raven, Atari--who is a HANDFUL but is smarter than me! Atari is currently being trained as an outreach animal, and the building the baby bear is housed in is the zoo's new clinic, so there's generally a rather random assortment of neighbor animals.

(Another neighbor is Chance, the red fox in my very last picture. He's another outreach animal, and he has epilepsy, so he gets the star treatment from all the zoo staff members and volunteers. Definitely an amazing boy!)