Thursday, March 24, 2011

Help me name my main character!!

The protagonist in my work in progress is the seventeen year-old, half-Hawaiian/half-Irish daughter of a famous dolphin researcher. I settled on the name "Kai" several years ago, inspired by--of all things--a bottle of Kona Wailua Wheat Ale

(It's kind of a funny story, actually. The underside of the bottle cap graciously teaches you Hawaiian words while intoxicating you, and "Kai" apparently means "ocean." Perfect.)

Photo Courtesy of puuikibeach
Problem is... There are a slew of books about mermaids and sirens on their way to the bookstores, and at least two authors have decided to name their minor characters "Kai." (They've also chosen to make their "Kais" boys, which is really tripping me out about now.)

My brilliant idea seems not quite so brilliant anymore--either that, or those authors have been drinking quite a lot of Kona beer themselves. Either way, I'd like to change Kai's name into something a bit more original, and I'd love your input. (Some background... Kai is soft-spoken, analytical and borderline obsessive-compulsive. Her character arc in the story is her journey from doubting herself and viewing herself as a "coattail rider" to realizing how intelligent and capable she really is.)

I've come up with a few more name options for Kai, and I have posted a poll to the right of this entry so you can pick your favorite. Thanks in advance for your help!


EEV said...

Kai seems a very interesting character!

What about Kala-Lani? (The Sun and the Heaven) The raising aspect of the sun makes a great metaphor...

Allen Walker said...

Koa. No on Lani; her friends will shorten Kailani to "Kai" and the other two people will read as "Kayla." This is Allen, btw. It may make this comment as anonymous.

Ruth said...

I knew a Hawaiian girl named Nahaku... she was very soft spoken, but had a beutiful singing voice.

Stephanie S. said...

I voted for Kalea but I also like Ewa. Just a thought ;-)

LisaAnn said...

You guys are awesome! Thanks sooo much for your all your help... It's so hard to rename her, because I just keep catching myself thinking, "No, but her name is Kai. She's Kai. That's who she is." Think I'll get used to the change eventually... ;)

Also, Ruth and Stephanie S, what do Nahaku and Ewa mean? I've never heard of those before!

Stephanie S. said...

Sorry I missed your comment. Ewa means "life" as far as I know. Did you decideon a new name?

Aisyah Putri Setiawan said...

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